Random Thoughts from Sweeney’s Corner – Sept 20-something

I want to apologize to my faithful reader(s?) in advance, this may not get out in time for your Saturday morning read.  It may get out early, but my strong procrastination gene will likely not allow that.  It may not get out until Sunday evening…which would be nearly pointless. Well, if there was a point in the first place.

Truth is, this is a form of therapy for me. I find myself missing the days when I could talk sports nearly all day.  Adulthood gets in the way now.  I am no less a sports nut, I just see many of my fellow sports addicts far less often.  So you, readers, are an outlet for me.  I am sure that is why it is so gratifying to get positive feedback, though in reality, I would write it even if nobody read.  Thank you Doug Millar again for infecting me with this bug.

Without too much preamble, let’s jump right into it, there is so much to get to!


Updating my lead from last week, Fastline Motorsports had some celebrating to do, as by starting the race in Kawartha, Cayden Lapcevich secured the Pinty’s series championship, and title of youngest touring series champion in NASCAR history.    And I am sure it was a celebration worthy of the decades of effort in getting there.  It was pretty cool watching this ride from the couch, and often twitter feed, throughout the year.

Cooler still hearing Cayden interviewed on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio today during the “Trading Paint” show.  Hosts Chocolate Myers and Jim Noble showed genuine joy for this great story, and Cayden’s whirlwind media tour.  For those of you who are SiriusXM junkies, it is available ON-Demand if interested.

Switching to the Sprint Cup Series, the Chase has started, and sadly, not without controversy.  I will admit, I do like the Chase, which is NASCAR’s version of a playoff system.  I didn’t like it at first, but will admit NASCAR got this one right.  Goes against the traditions of racing, but certainly creates excitement, and as close as you can come to a “sudden death” scenario in this sport.

The controversy however, comes from another rules change, and it seems NASCAR can’t get out of their own way sometimes.  This time, it is due to the winner, Martin Truex Jr. (and his Canadian Crew Chief Cole Pearn – whoop whoop) failing post race inspection.  I am not sure I can do this one justice, but let me try.  The team (along with the 48 team of Jimmy Johnson) failed post-race technical inspection.  NASCAR has added a Laser Inspection Station to their tech process, which measures the geometry of the rear wheels of the car.  This became necessary as teams were essentially twisting the rear drive wheels of the car to improve handling (there are more technical terms to be used here, but I don’t think it will improve the explanation).  Essentially, the left rear tire was out of alignment  approximately ten-thousandths of an inch, which was likely caused by contact during the race.  Please keep in mind two things:

  • this is a very small deviation.  It requires laser measurement, and would not be measurable by the human eye.
  • The car passed pre-race technical inspection, so the team brought a legal car to the racetrack.

So, many will say “cheating is cheating”, how does he still win.  This is not cheating folks, this is a rules infraction, that will be punished suitably by fines and/ or point penalty, but is NOT deserving of losing the win.  Taking away the win, and potentially eliminating Truex from the chase, would be as draconian as Mr. Goodell’s suspension of Brady for deflategate.

I understand the angst though – how can you cheat and still win.  Best way I can say it is this. In hockey, you can get a high sticking penalty and still win the game.  You take your punishment and move on.  Same as football, it is essentially a holding call. Illegal, but not cause for disqualification.  In my opinion, NASCAR should not be doing these measurements post race, limit these measurements to pre-race tech only.

And this opinion is not based on a certain ruling at a Delaware CASCAR race in May of 1994, for a quarter of a CC in one cylinder, costing a team a race win.  Nope, just reinforces my opinion that there are gross and minor infractions.

World Cup of Hockey

Once again, a lesson has been learned.  Always trust your gut!  And my growing gut was right on this one initially.  Where to start?

The obvious place is the whole Team North America phenomenon.  What a thrill ride this team has taken us on, and sadly a 2-1 record MAY not get them beyond the round robin.  Game 3 against Sweden, won in OT by Nathon MacKinnon, was an instant classic, that would be diminished somehow if it doesn’t get the young guns in.

What is really clear in watching this North American Team is the evolution of the game.  Hockey over the past 5 years has seen a rapid move away from the size and “truculence” game to a speed and skill game.  Don’t misunderstand that point.  Hockey will always be a “grit and desire” game, it takes a certain amount of courage to play this game at high speed, and go to the areas where you know you are going to get hit. This North American squad is exhibit A in the transformation though.  They are not going to run around the ice and try and outhit anyone.  They are going to play a game of “catch me if you can” at speeds that are simply breathtaking. They do however make and take hits to make plays, and that is the true definition of “hockey tough”

Exhibit B of course is the failed “Tortorella Experiment”.  Game 1 of the exhibition appeared to be Team USA’s holy grail.  I came away feeling a mixture of “could this really work” and a “Canada looked a little annoyed that these guys in red, white and blue didn’t get the memo that this was an exhibition”.  The latter became reality two nights later when Canada seemed to say “OK, we will play this game tonight” and was in bold and underline for the real game.

TJ Oshie was quoted as saying (and it is all over Twitter):

If it comes to 100% skill, they win.  100% grit, we win”

That’s the problem with this Team USA team in a nutshell; this game has never been 100% skill or 100% grit, it has always been a healthy mix of both.

Exhibit C of course is the final exam in this text, Team Canada.  This team, even more so than the Sochi Olympic squad, has been clinical in it’s domination.  It was almost humorous watching Team USA try to “out tough” Canada, and watching Crosby, Thornton, Getzlaf and the boys seemingly ignore them like annoying little brothers.  This Team Canada has that look that can play the game any way you want to .  Speed game, down low game, cycle game…no trouble, we’ll just be better at it than you.  Having said that, still a lot of hockey to play, and don’t for a second think that Sweden, Russia or Team North America will give them a much harder test in the semi-finals than the have seen so far.CANADA US.jpg


And I was wrong about another thing too…in a rare occurrence, I think Mr. Bettman was right to give us eight highly competitive teams instead of eight national teams.  This has truly been great hockey!

Oh, three more quick random thoughts:

  • How great is that Ron McLean “intro” or whatever you call it, which goes on to tell us to truly understand Canada, you need to sit down in front of a TV on a Saturday night.  So true.  And just reminds us how great it is to have Ron back in the host seat of Hockey Night in Canada.  The hockey world seems back on it’s axis.  Now just keep Glenn Healy out!
  • Love those commercials which paste together a bunch of great hockey goals/ calls together with kids playing street hockey and re-enacting them.  Pretty much describes my childhood!

Somehow I can’t find either video to insert!  @#(*@#*&@*(&(*

  • Phil Kessel – you won Twitter last night. Well played sir!  (And Grapes you are dead wrong on this!)


Of course, several players (I hear you TJ Oshie, you too David “did you play in the tournament” Backes) from Team USA were butthurt by Phil’s tweet.  Boys, let me speak for Phil.  He had no ill-will for any guy wearing that Team USA jeresy.  This was a well crafted shot a the management of Team USA.  And it hit the mark with GM Dean Lombardi, who I quote:

If your talking Justin Abdlekader…Brandon Dubinsky…David Backes, I’ll take those guys any day”

That’s the point Dean.  You brought the wrong team.  You don’t need guys that are “tough to play against” in a best on best tournament, where one game can get you knocked out. You need your best players. You need to score goals!  I don’t think Team USA had a good view of what this tournament was going to be.  They didn’t win the last iteration in 1996 “out hitting and out gritting” anyone.  They had the more skilled team on that occasion.  Maybe this also gives us some insight into the slow decline of the LA Kings?

NFL Week 2

I am going to have to hit my quick thoughts here, no surprise I have went a little long.  Any wanna-be editors looking for some pro-bono work?

Surprise of the Week:

Plenty to choose from here, but I am going to save my second for a rant elsewhere.  Has to the LA Rams once again confounding all logic and beating the Seattle Seahawks. As good a coach as I think Pete Carroll is, and as consistently mediocre as I think Jeff Fisher is, why does this keep happening.  Four of their last five against Seattle for the Rams?  Defies logic.


Thanks Coach Fisher, I am now out of the “Loser” pool!

Something that Really Bugged Me This Week?

This will not always involve the Chiefs.  Mostly because I dont always get to watch the Chiefs.  I am too responsible (read cheap) to buy Sunday Ticket anymore.

No, my beef this week, sort of a new take on last week, was the Monday Night Football broadcast.  Seems John Gruden is trying to be more profanely profuse in his praise than Chris Collinsworth now.  This weeks target was Carson Wentz.  It seemed like a legend was born in a terrible game that saw the Philadelphia Eagles (fly Eagles fly!!!) dismantle the Chicago Bears.

Don’t get me wrong, Wentz has had an impressive start to his career, and is making Howie Roseman and Coach Doug Pederson look really smart. Not only did they draft this kid (hey Cleveland, want THAT draft pick back!) but they traded their starter, Sam “driving range QB” Bradford to Minnesota.  Bradford of course was Collinsworth’s “Man Crush of the Week” Sunday night, and set a high bar on the “blowing smoke meter”.

But if you tuned in to the fourth quarter of the Monday Night Broadcast, you would think he had 450 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Kid threw for 190 yards and a touchdown, for an 86.6 QB rating.  Took care of the ball.  Won.  But C’mon man…lets see how Dennis Green feels.


Something That Made Me Smile

Nothing.  It was an awful football week.  Out of the loser pool.  8 of 16 picks right.  Did get through Survivor week 2.  Lost all 3 of my Fantasy Football leagues.


A few more things I think I think?

  • OK, after the Thursday night victory by New England (another wrong pick), can we just hit pause for a minute. I think the league actually should stop everything, carve a Belichick bust, and put him in the Hall of Fame before another game is played this season.  Also, award him the Coach of the Year trophy right now.  The Patriots are now 3-0 on the season, after dismantling the previously 2-0 Houston Texans.  And he did it with:
    • No Tom Brady, due to the Roger Goodell “prove I am the Man” suspension.
    • With a 3rd String Rookie QB who hurt his thumb at some point in the game.
    • A leaky offensive line
    • A token decoy appearance by Gronkowski.
  • I give him credit, as I usually bash Michael Irvin.  He did a bit in the pregame where he said “if New England wins tonight, I will no longer call the Super Bowl the Lombardi trophy.” and followed up post game with a picture from home that night with his “3 Belichick Trophies!
  • irvin.jpg
  • Thats Twitter Gold right there!
  • I think Cleveland is suffering from the “Curse of Firing Belichick!”  See below for a live look at Browns practice.  Rookie QB, lost their best WR this week in practice. Not good!


  • Should be a good time for the Adam Gase and the Dolphins to get into the win column.  Spoiler alert – they are my Survivor Pick this week, so you’d be wise to stay away from this game!
  • Can it get any worse for San Diego…now Antonio Gates, the only guy on the offence left who Phil Rivers even knows by name?  Talk about an injury bug!
  • The Anti-Belichick is Rex Ryan.  Just a clown show, he has his bearded lady (brother Rob), the only thing missing from a full on carnival is a Merry-Go-Round and some cotton candy.  No point me going to much deeper on this, except to say “Poor Mr. Pegula.  Please end this insanity.  At least you have the Sabres!  I will leave you with “he’s my guy” Adam Schein, who will give you the full Rex Ryan joke in the link below:


Other than that folks, I got to hit send on this thing.  It was opening night Thursday for my hockey season, as the Staggered Edges resumes their spectacular losing ways at the Gateway Center.  Nothing like starting with a 10:30pm game.  This guy is out of shape, and to quote Pierre McGuire, I was “sucking dirty pond water” most of the night.  I will get this posted Friday at some point for your reading pleasure, as I head north for the weekend.

I’ve said it all.  I’ve said too much.  Thanks for reading.




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